The Famous Old Driver of PL2303 USB

Every time we connect PL2303 USB-TTL device to a new computer, we’ve got annoying driver issues and spend so much time to find the working old driver of this USB-to-UART driver.

So we put the required driver link here to find easily next time.

All you have to do step by step is:

  • Unrar the downloaded rar file and install.
  • Open Device Manager and right click the Prolific-to-Serial Comm Port.
  • Click Update Driver Software and Browse my computer for driver software -> Let me pick from list of devices on my computer.
  • Select the Prolific USB-to_Serial Comm Port version model [10/27/2008] from model list.
  • Done!

5 Replies to “The Famous Old Driver of PL2303 USB”

  1. THANK YOU!! I have spent (wasted) hours trying to install a PL2303 converter unsuccessfully until I found your solution. Really appreciated!

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